Since you are reading this page, it means you have already seen at least some of my paintings and already feel like knowing a little bit more about my technique and experience in painting.
Briefly about me: I am an artist from Tbilisi, Georgia, with a very broad vision of colors and techniques applied in my art.

Painting is something that always fascinated me. Since my childhood I was always surrounded by artistic environment, the smell of oil, canvases, and discussions on classic and contemporary art both in Georgia and abroad.
Nevertheless, I chose a different career path. But after some time, my love and passion for painting revived. I started to take professional painting classes with Georgian artists in their studios. It was very interesting to be a part of the process. I could observe and learn from joint work and discussion of different generations of artists. I believe this is what makes my art interesting, I am happy to use the classical features and structures harmonizing them with contemporary techniques and vision.

Few years of professional lessons and participation in various residency programs made me confident enough to open my art for others. Several years ago I decided to publish some of my works on this website developed with the help of my friends and colleagues.

You might ask, what is my favorite style? It is hard to say. It all depends on my spiritual condition and the inspiration which I can get from walking around the Old City in Tbilisi, wandering in mountains, reading a novel, meditating or crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

Based on the inspiration I choose colors and present them so that they convey my emotions that overwhelmed me when I worked on a particular work. I love colors, I love mixing them and I love using single tone of each color on the pallet.
New ideas are something that I always search for. I have developed a number of projects myself  which are available on my website, but I am ready to be a part of a creative team working on interesting subjects.

For feedback, proposals, or questions, I am always available at: info@natiatsiklauri.com